Guess Sunglasses: Face Shapes

With the latest range of Guess Sunglasses about to launch online this week we’ve got a guide below to point you in the right direction of the perfect pair for you! From diamond to an oval shaped face, using the guide below should help you choose the best pair of Guess Sunglasses for the summer season!

guess-blog-diamondA diamond-shaped face is widest at the cheekbone with a smaller forehead and chin. Select rimless frames that are heavier on top to add width to the forehead. Oval or square frames with high temples will help minimize the cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin.

guess-blog-circleThe width and length of a round face are roughly equal in proportion. Select angular, narrow frames wider than the widest part of the face to add length. Avoid excessively round or square styles that can exaggerate the roundness of the face.
guess-blog-heartA heart-shaped face is defined by a larger forehead, high cheek- bones, and a soft jawline that leads to a neat, heart shaped chin. Select frames that are both round and angular to balance out the proportion of the face. Avoid frames that are wider at the top than on the bottom.

guess-blog-squareA square-shaped face has a strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Select frames wider than the widest part of the face to make the face appear longer. Rounded or oval shaped frames will also soften the look of the face.

guess-blog-invert-triA broad forehead and high cheek-bones that gradually narrow to the chin are characteristics of an inverted triangle-shaped face. Select frames that are wider at the bottom to add width below the eye line and offset a narrow chin. Avoid large frames and bold colours.

guess-blog-triangleA triangle-shaped face is widest horizontally at the chin and gradually narrows to the forehead. Square or rimless frames are most ideal to help add width to the forehead. Avoid low swooping temples that exaggerate the appearance of the jawline.

guess-blog-ovalAn oval-shaped face is considered the ideal face shape due to its balanced proportions. Most frames look good on this person as long as the frames are in proportion to the face. Select frames that are as wide, or wider than the broadest part of the face. Avoid low, swooping temples that can unbalance the face.

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Hot Diamonds Spring / Summer

The latest range of beautiful Hot Diamonds Jewellery has hit Shades of Time this week! The fantastic collection features rose gold, sterling silver, elegant pearls and as always each item of Hot Diamonds is adorned with a stunning diamond! Below we’ve got a sneak peak of each range, but for the full collection you can show the new Hot Diamonds Jewellery by clicking here

Hot Diamonds Rings

Efflorescent and feminine, the Hot Diamonds Eternal Rose range features precious silver strands playfully interweaved to fashion a bouquet of eternal roses. The pieces are crafted from sterling silver, 18ct rose gold plate or an alluring combination of the two. Our favourites are the elegant rose gold stud earrings and matching pendant

Diamonds & Pearls : Stunning freshwater pearls of white and grey, set in classic Hot Diamonds sterling silver and diamond designs, deliver effortless femininity. The range includes some truly beautiful matching earrings and pendants featured below!

Hot Diamonds Pearl RIngHot Diamonds Pearl Earringsdn092




There’s also a few additions to the Just Add Love range – An overtly feminine and effortlessly beautiful collection inspired by the universal theme of love – we’re thrilled Hot Diamonds has added a few to the collection and as always, adorned with a real diamond.

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Ti Sento Milano 2014: La Vita Al Sole

2014-Mar-TSThe latest Spring range from the ever popular Ti Sento Milano Jewellery is sure to be a hit! Ti Sento’s new silver jewellery designs are inspired by the feel of long, hot Italian summers, wherein friends are central and the sun is key. This vibrant new collection is inspired by the colours of Italian beaches and the warm mediterranean terraces and set with crystals in white, pink, nude and blue tones.Ti Sento Bangles

Shimmering in the hot sun, Ti Sento has created new silver pieces, which have been cut and polished to make silver look like pave set stones. These new silver dipped designs are available in rhodium plated sterling silver with accents of rose or yellow gold plating – these glittering jewels look as if they have been dipped in a magical pool of silver. Our favourites from the range our these show stopping Ti Sento Bangles – Available in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold.

Throughout the new Ti Sento 2014 collection, nude coloured stones are combined with touches of rose gold plating to make a feminine and sophisticated statement. Combinations of white stones in opaque and mother of pearl with yellow gold plating is a chic and more classic alternative. The third on-trend summer colourway is a combination of cool bluetoned stones set in silver, inspired by the vivid turquoise waters around the Italian seashore and its famous blue lagoon.


Ever since Ti Sento launched its first collection in early 2003, the brand continued to stay on trend and in fashion. The collection of rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery contains rings, wrist wear, necklaces and earrings in stunning designs and dazzling colours.

View the new Ti Sento video here – La Vita Al Sole